Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Flight Simulator at Mercer County Airport (KBLF), Bluefield, West Virginia

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MERCER (WVVA) - A new flight simulator allows community members to get experience flying a plane at the Mercer County Airport. 

"To best utilize the airport, we need to have as many pilot as we can," said Charlie Cole, an Airport Authority Board Member.

The airport manager, Clint Ransom adds, "The airport is here for the community to use and we invite anybody to come up and check it out."

The simulator was donated by a local pilot who wishes to remain anonymous.

This device allows users to fly in and out of any airport in the United States without even leaving the ground. "It's a great tool for people who aspire to become a pilot to get practice in without actually having to get up in the airplane." says Ransom.

Users can also get experience flying in different weather conditions and in different planes.

The simulator is available to the public. To schedule a time to use it, visit the Mercer County Airport web site at

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