Thursday, July 25, 2013

Airport authority moves forward with hangar plans: Stillwater Regional (KSWO), Oklahoma

STILLWATER, Okla. — The Stillwater Regional Airport Authority reviewed and approved an updated proposal from LBR Inc., for site development of the southeast hangar area.

This process will include surveys and geotech testing which will provide property dimensions for private developers.

The airport authority budgeted approximately $125,000 for this project. Hangars will be  built on a B-2 standard, which is for aircraft with a 59-foot or less wingspan.

The authority has been talking to other airports and looking at their ideas for hangar development areas. After review of some airports, it seemed the leasing terms depend on the square footage of the privately owned hangar. For example, if the hangar was 15,000 square feet, the lease could be for 40 years.

The surveying will also separate the area into lots, which will make it easier for private developers to come in and know what they need to do to create a hangar.

The authority passed this project 5-0.