Sunday, July 28, 2013

160 passengers and air crew safe after plane returns to Qingdao, passenger’s safety complaint ignored

All 160 passengers and crew members aboard a Tianjin Airlines flight are safe after the plane was turned back around to Qingdao on Friday due to engine problems, which a passenger had complained about but was ignored by crew members.

The passenger, Zhang Qiuyue, said that the Wehzhou-bound Airbus A320G, which had a stopover in Qingdao after departing Tianjian that morning, should have been examined before taking off again.

During the first flight, she told a stewardess that she heard strange noises, smelled a strange odor and felt something shaking from her seat, but Zhang was told that everything was fine. Zhang reported to several other cabin crew members after the flight landed yet none of them listened either.

Some 25 minutes into the Qingdao-Wenzhou flight, crew members noticed an engine problem - other passengers also reported smoke coming from the engine with a strong burning smell - and the plane was immediately reverted back to Qingdao.