Saturday, June 15, 2013

Belizean Detained In Cuba With Chinese Passports

Tonight, a Belizean man is detained by authorities in Cuba after he tried to get into that country while carrying two Chinese Passports. 7news has learned that he is 28 year old Carlos Murga who was intercepted flying into the Jose Marti Airport in Havana Cuba over last weekend. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belize has confirmed through a spokesperson that the Belize Embassy in Cuba is aware of his detention and is assisting him as they would any Belizean detained by a foreign authority.

Now, a case like this points immediately to the possibility of human smuggling and visa fraud – and in previous cases Cuba has been known as a gateway for this type of illicit activity. Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse confirmed today that his ministry is aware of the case and is quote, “gathering information so that it can get a clear picture of what has taken place.”

But, in a case like this, the chain of events can be shrouded by peripheral facts, the first of which is that unconfirmed information to us says that at least one staffer at the Belize Embassy in Cuba may be friendly to him. The Ministry of Foreign affairs in Belmopan said they had no knowledge of this today. In this regard it is of note that Carlos Murga is a relative of a staffer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belmopan.

It’s an interesting case and one we’ll keep following. 


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