Sunday, March 31, 2013

Private landing strip leads to false alarm: police search for plane

Police have asked a Mt Clear man to check in with them next time he takes off in his plane from a private airstrip behind his house.

Paramedics, firefighters and police searched for more than an hour following reports around 6.30pm of a plane going down over Damascus College and failing to come back up.

However, Ballarat police Acting Sergeant Chris Taylor said the pilot had landed on a private air strip behind his house."All is safe and well," Acting Sergeant Taylor said.

"He has his own private airstrip behind his house."We have spoken to the gentleman and he will contact the police in the future before flying in or out so we are aware."

A Sebastopol man said he was sitting in his living room watching television programs of air crashes when he saw the plane.

"It was flying just above the trees and then it dived down out of sight," the man said."It didn't come up again.

"I was waiting for smoke but nothing happened but then rang the police just to be sure."Acting Sergeant Chris Taylor said the witness observed a plane traveling west from Geelong Road towards Albert Street.

"It was observed to go down towards the ground and failed to come back up in the vicinity of the sewerage treatment plant," Acting Sergeant Taylor said. 


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