Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pacific Aerospace 750XL: Accident occurred March 21, 2013 at Port Alfred Airport, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Port Alfred -  A plane crashed at the Port Alfred Airport in the Eastern Cape today.

Details are still sketchy but it is understood an aircraft from the 43 Air School went down short of the runway.

The flight school said no one was injured.

The school's spokesperson Attie Nieman said, "There were seven people on board.  The aircraft landed short of the runway."  

The Civil Aviation Authority will be investigating the exact cause of the crash. 

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43 Air School 
Aircraft accident at FAPA 21/03/2013. AN

Here are the known facts about the accident that took place at FAPA today; this is to set right all the incorrect media reports.

A private flight Pacific Aircraft P750 landed short due to engine trouble (cause unknown) at around 11.33 am this morning at FAPA, the aircraft was inbound from Lanseria airport in Johannesburg to Port Alfred in EC.

None of the 8 passenger and crew on board were injured and were discharged from the local hospital after routine check ups after the accident.

43 Air School's staff and crew were on the scene in minutes and the site was secured after the passengers were taken to safety. The scene has, as protocol dictates, been handed over to the SA CAA who have dispatched investigators for the full investigation to establish the root cause of the accident.

Well done to all 43 staff and crews who responded professionally and speedily in the interest of passengers and aviation safety, as always.

We are very relieved that no major injuries were sustained by any of the passengers who survived the accident.

The Pax 750 is a Versatile XSTOL aircraft which can fly at very low speed and this probably was a contributory factor as to why the passengers and crew could literally walk away from the scene.

The cause of the accident will be determined by the SA CAA investigating team who are en route to the site and will be determining the exact circumstances that caused the aircraft to crash land short of the airfield.

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