Monday, December 31, 2012

Report: 'Modern Family' star Jesse Tyler Ferguson tried to purloin private plane

“Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson nearly caused a riot at St. Barts’ tiny airport after attempting to “hijack” a fashion designer’s chartered jet to get off the swanky island by sunset.

Ferguson, who plays Mitchell Pritchett on the hit ABC sitcom that also stars Sofia Vergara, his fiancé, Justin Mikita, and two girlfriends were waiting for their chartered plane to take them off the chic destination Wednesday night just before the island swung into high New Year’s season but became agitated when it was delayed.

A St. Barts airport witness tells us, “All the planes were delayed, and sunset was approaching. You cannot fly out of St. Barts past sunset. Jesse’s plane was late, and there were also three other groups at the airport who were waiting to get planes. They were all freaking out that they were going to miss the sunset deadline, because all the hotels were fully booked.”

All hell broke loose when a plane chartered by New York fashion designer Ramy Brook Sharp and her entourage came in before Ferguson’s. The spy said, “Jesse and his group barged through the doors and stormed onto the tarmac and jumped on the plane. It wasn’t their plane, but they insisted they were first. They basically hijacked Ramy’s plane.

“The pilot started to taxi onto the tiny runway with Jesse and his group on board, but Ramy wasn’t standing for it and had the airport call the plane back in, right as it was going to take off.

The Ferguson crew had to do the walk of shame back into the terminal.

“It was pretty funny, and they were very embarrassed. It was like an episode of ‘Modern Family, ’ ” said our spy.

Go to The Post to see Ferguson's funny tweet. 

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