Monday, December 17, 2012

Jetbridge construction under way at Evansville Regional Airport (KEVV), Indiana

Piece by piece, the plan to install jetbridges at Evansville Regional Airport is coming together.


Over the past several days, the airport has taken delivery of the first pieces of what will be four passenger jetbridges — the enclosed tunnels that connect the airport terminal with arriving or departing aircraft.

Monday morning, a crane was already in place on the tarmac to help with installation.

The remainder of the jetbridge components are due in this week, and installation and staff training should take a couple of weeks, said airport marketing director Dianna Page.

"We're thinking early January is when we'll actually start using them," Page said.

During the installation, some flights will move to different gates temporarily.

Utah-based JBT Aero Tech manufactured the jetbridges. Total project cost, Page said, is about $2 million.

Evansville has had jetbridges in the past, but not for years.

USAir (now USAirways) had one jetbridge in Evansville, but when the airline left the Evansville market it took its jetbridge with it, Page said.

USAir discontinued Evansville service in 1995.

Business models have changed over the years, Page said, and now the standard is for airports — not the airlines themselves — to provide jetbridge infrastructure.

Once the jetbridges are operational, the airport plans a public ribbon-cutting or similar celebration.

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