Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Air Force plane tagger avoids jail

A professional who drew a swastika and a penis on a visiting Australian military aircraft was identified through the DNA found in the spit he left on it. 

Charles Wilson Bullen, 35, was sentenced to community work and supervision when he appeared in Waitakere District Court today.

Judge Claire Ryan also ordered him to pay $4000 reparation.

She told Bullen that he had issues with alcohol and needed to get some help.

He was caught for the aircraft graffiti after a droplet of his spit found at the scene matched his DNA.

The court heard how the Royal Australian Air Force C17 Globemaster was plastered with tags while parked overnight at Whenuapai Air Base in September 2008.

Photos of the graffiti, which were placed before the court, showed swastika and a crude drawing of a penis.

The multimillion-dollar aircraft had to be removed from service while it was repaired.

The Royal New Zealand Airforce also apologised to their Australian counterparts.

Bullen was also sentenced for breaking pot plants and destroying an outdoor area at an Indian Restaurant in Hobsonville.

Judge Ryan ordered him to undergo alcohol counselling, complete 87 hours of community work and pay the Air Force and the Indian restaurant $2000 in reparations.

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