Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jedediah’s opens at Yellowstone Regional Airport (KCOD), Cody, Wyoming

The cafe at Yellowstone Regional Airport will re-open Thursday under new management and a new name.

“Jedediah’s at the Airport” will join a group of the company’s eateries – which include the original Jedediah’s House of Sourdough in downtown Jackson, and cafes at the airports in Jackson and Missoula.

“Here at YRA we’re going for more of a replication of our original restaurant – offering our sourdough recipes such as pancakes, baked goods, bread and sandwiches,” company co-owner Mike Gierau said.

“We’ll also be offering what many customers consider to be our signature plate, the ‘Sour Jack,’ which is thicker than a crepe and thinner than a pancake,” he said.

The cafe also will offer hamburgers made from beef provided by Legg Creek Ranch on the South Fork, he said.

“We try to buy locally as much as possible,” he added.

The city council on Tuesday approved Jedediah’s request for a restaurant liquor license. They will offer beer, wine and spirits, Gierau said.

Michelle Aldrich of Cody has been hired to manage the cafe, and has four employees, Gierau said.

“We might hire some more people later, depending on how business goes,” he said. “With Cody having such a strong hospitality base, it’s not difficult to find experienced restaurant employees here,” he added.

The company’s regional operations manager, Rhea Escamilla Quijada, will also help out.
“I make regular visits to all our restaurants,” she said.

Tara Raymond had operated the YRA cafe under the name “The Landing” for nine years, until July 20.

Gierau acknowledged the cafe’s location is challenging. The new terminal is distant from the highway, and the cafe’s location in the building is remote from the passenger area.

Jedediah’s is working with airport security forces to bring some catering services into the passenger area, he said.

There also will be a focus on drawing in local customers, Gierau said.

“We see this as a nice out-of-the-way spot for locals to come during the busy tourist season,” he added. “We hope to make this a place where people can come visit, and get a good meal at a good price.”

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