Sunday, September 16, 2012

Neah Neah Neah! Chicago looking for a few good goats — for O’Hare job

 Help wanted: One shepherd with at least 25 sheep. Goatherds also welcome to apply. Must be able to tolerate the roar of jet planes overhead.

It’s certainly not the typical contract the city puts out for bid for O’Hare International Airport.

But the city’s Aviation Department is indeed looking to hire a herder with animals to graze areas at the airport that have become overgrown with grass, weeds and other vegetation, in particular a vacant property on the perimeter of O’Hare just east of Mannheim Road and north of Interstate 190.

Interested herders must have at least 25 animals.

“Sheep, goats — it could be any grazing animal. We don’t discriminate,” said Amy Malick, an Aviation Department official.

But don’t expect to look out your plane window and see some bearded character in flowing robes using a staff to guide the animals. Goat- and sheepherding is a bit more high-tech these days.

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