Saturday, August 04, 2012

Workers Sprayed By Crop Duster

SHAFTER, Calif. -- At about 9 a.m. Friday, a call was received by the Kern County Fire Department regarding workers who were exposed to pesticide spray. 

Crews said they were faced with a total of 3 patients. All of the patients were complaining of mild eye irritation symptoms and dizziness.

A total of 17 workers were on site at the Nikkel Iron Works in the 17000 block of Center Valley Highway and Scaroni Avenue just 3 miles north of Shafter.

The Hazardous Material Response team directed the workers affected to remove the exposed clothing and shower off. The ambulance crew treated the workers and they were released back to work operations.

The Tri Star Co. out of Wasco was operating the fixed winged Crop Duster that was spraying the almond orchard adjacent to the business exposed.

The Kern County Agricultural Department determined the Pesticide being used was Vulcan product. This product is more commonly known as (Lorsban Advanced) a lower level pesticide used to kill insects.

The Kern County Fire Department would like to remind our residents. If you are exposed to any Hazardous Materials Products. Please call 911, remain at the location, move into a fresh air area, and do not eat or drink anything.

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