Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plane makes emergency landing after fuel problem – southeastern Wisconsin

MT. PLEASANT — After a plane released a group of skydivers it experienced a fuel issue and had to make an emergency landing.

At 9:34 a.m. officers from the Mt. Pleasant Police Department responded to a report of a plane landing upright in a bean field near I-94 and Louis Sorenson Rd in the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

The pilot of the twin engine plane, John Helmle, 41, was seen walking around the plane after the landing.

It appears that the pilot was forced to land due to a fuel issue. Either it ran out of fuel or there was a malfunction with the fuel system.

Prior to this emergency landing, Helmle had taken a group of skydivers into the air and released them. He then attempted to land on at the Sky Diving business near the West side of I-94 in Racine County.

Due to the engine failure Helmle was forced to land on the East side of I-94.

A witness observed the plane flying very low to the ground facing westbound before it landed safely.
The FAA was contacted and will investigate the incident further.

There was no damage to the plane and Helmle, the sold occupant of the aircraft, was not injured.

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