Monday, August 27, 2012

Gulf Coast Airmen move planes to Little Rock Air Force Base

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Airmen moved 35 Air Force CV-22 airplanes from Hurlburt Field in Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Little Rock Air Force Base in preparation of Isaac.

"Typically these airplanes are millions of dollars and if you were to leave them there even in a hangar, the hangar could get damaged," said COL David Mobley of Hurlburt Field.

400 people also came on the planes and they will stay at local hotels. The base can't accommodate such a large number, so leaders made swift hotel arrangements for airmen.

"They will probably be here for a couple of days until they see what happens with the storm. So on short notice, the community helped us out for 4 days and 400 people," COL Andy McIntyre of LRAFB.

Now the focus turns to Isaac because the storm will determine when the airmen go home.

"We have to take into account crosswinds; wet runways withcross winds. Those affect the ability for us to come and go safely," said Mobley.

Seven planes from Keesler Air Force Base also landed at LRAFB Monday. But those crews went back to determine whether more planes should be flown here as well.


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