Friday, August 10, 2012

Cessna 172RG Cutlass, D-EIYL: Accident occurred August 10, 2012 , Bjugn, in the Norwegian county of South Troendelag - Norway

Three Germans were killed when their light aircraft crashed into a mountain side in Norway in low visibility conditions, Norwegian police confirmed on Saturday. 

 The Cessna 172 plane was registered to a German owner and was carrying three passengers, Norwegian police spokesman Erling Landro told DPA news agency.

Norwegian police confirmed the passengers, whose names have not yet been released, consisted of one 49-year-old and two 55-year old Germans, reported the online edition of the Focus magazine on Saturday.

The plane crashed into a rock face while navigating through low-lying cloud in an inaccessible and mountainous area on Friday, said police. The aircraft had been en route to the Vaernes airport in Trondheim when poor visibility caused the crash near Bjurn in western Norway.

The plane was part of a convoy of three German aircraft which had departed from the Lofoten Islands in the north of the country, Norwegian authorities confirmed.

The other two aircraft landed safely at their destination.

 OSLO, Norway (AP) Police in Norway say three people were killed when a small German-registered plane crashed into a mountain side in the central part of the Scandinavian country.

 Rescue official Per Fjeld said Friday the wreck of the Cessna 172 plane was found in a remote area near the town of Bjugn, north of Trondheim.

Berglund said the weather in the region was foggy and rainy.