Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Simulated Plane Crash Training Event Goes Sour

A fire department training exercise in the southern resort city of Eilat went sour, with officials blaming the large blaze that erupted on the “change in wind direction”.

The training event simulated a plane crashing into a residential area. Twenty minutes into the event the fires were ablaze and the event was proceeding without incident. Then, as the wind changed direction, the controlled blaze spread to nearby palm trees and before firefighters could get a handle on events, the fire was burning out of control.

Israel Electric Company officials ordered turning off the major power switches to the city as a result of the large blaze. It was then realized the blackout compromised the firefighting efforts, turning off water pumps. The fire continued spreading in the meantime.

A local contractor volunteered and positioned large containers between the fire and a nearby gas station. B’chasdei Hashem the blaze was brought under control without injuries or worse. There are no reports addressing damage and destruction. 


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