Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Roanoke Municipal (7A5), Alabama: Airport regains certification

Roanoke Municipal Airport is officially open for the first time in at least six years and has the certificate to prove it.

"We got closed up, I believe, in the second year of Mayor Spec Bonner's term in office. The airport was closed because of obstructions at the airport," Donnie Cash said. The Streets Department supervisor has worked steadily trying to meet requirements set by the Aeronautics Division of the Alabama Department of Transportation.

In June DOT came in and inspected the airport, and Cash said they did not call him. They said the city did a good job and presented it with an airport operating license for 2012-2013.

Cash said if a plane flies into a airport that is not certified or officially open and crashes or is damaged it is not likely insurance will pay for the damage.

The airport was built in 1952 when K.L. Hooper was mayor and has undergone a number of changes, such as the Corps of Engineers expanding the runway several years ago. Creating problems for the airport were obstructions such as trees and houses, which were eventually removed.

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