Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New trend reflects growing demand for small aircraft

At the invitation of Dassault Aviation Group, Arab News visited Dassault factory in Paris, to see the strides taking place in aviation industry and also meet with the officials and technicians. 

 The destination was Bordeaux city, which was followed by a trip on board the Falcon 2000 that headed to Marseille city, south of France, and a tour of the stages of manufacturing of the special Falcon X7 and the Flight Test Center. This was an amazing experience, thanks to the generosity of the officials of Dassault Aviation Group Factory who gave a briefing on its background and activities.

Dassault Aviation Group is a leading manufacturer in the aerospace industry and aviation in Europe and the World, and is considered the only group in the world that designs and manufactures and supports aircrafts industry and commercial aircraft. The group is one of the companies in the forefront of technical and industrial revolution of digital technology, also the last group in the world owned by the founding family and bears the name Dassault. The group produces the well-known model aircraft Falcon.
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