Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Captain Pam McCoy: Flying legend comes in to land

David Clensy meets one of Bristol Airport’s best loved pilots, Captain Pam McCoy, as she lands for the final time ahead of her retirement 

 There is a glimmer in the blue summer sky. In moments it has grown into a speck. Then a little silver cross. Before finally, the incoming object becomes recognizable an airplane. 

 The sight of an incoming Airbus is not unusual here at Bristol Airport, but today, all eyes are on the growing glimmer. For today is the day the staff at Bristol Airport have to start saying their goodbyes to one of the place’s best-loved characters – Captain Pam McCoy.

The steady pair of hands at the controls have steered hundreds of aircraft in to land at Bristol since Pam first flew here in 1977.

A formidable character, with a seemingly permanent mischievous glint in her eye, the Iron Acton-based captain is a familiar figure at the airport.

Everyone you speak to here comes up with the same set of expressions when trying to describe her – “extraordinary”, “a force to be reckoned with”, “a legend”, and above all else “a genuinely lovely person”.

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