Tuesday, April 03, 2012

UTair Grounds ATR 72-200 Pending Crash Probe

Russian airline UTair has suspended flights of ATR 72-200 aircraft until the end of an investigation into Monday’s deadly plane crash near the city of Tyumen, UTair reported.

“There are no doubts in the plane's airworthiness as of today," UTair Director General said. "The decision was made from the psychological standpoint,” he said.

“The restrictions will not affect the flight schedule. The flights will be made by fifteen ATR 72-500 planes manufactured in 2011,” he said.

The turboprop ATR 72 aircraft crashed some two miles from Tyumen’s Roshchino Airport while trying to make an emergency landing in the early hours of Monday. Thirty-one people died, including the entire crew, and twelve other passengers remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

UTair’s fleet has two ATR 72-200s left. Overall, the airline has more than 200 aircraft.

Transport authorities on Monday said there were no grounds to suspend ATR 72 flights.

Source:  http://en.ria.ru

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