Monday, April 02, 2012

Turku Air to launch direct flights between Tallinn and Turku

The enterprise will operate two flights on each workday. Turku Air’s managing director Jussi Kivelä hopes that the demand will be sufficient for the airline of their size.

“It is important in our opinion to provide opportunities to take quick direct flights from Tallinn to Turku. Although other airlines have ceased operating this route, the enterprise of our size is likely to provide this service in the longer-term perspective,” he explained.
Turku Air will operate the route with a six-seat propeller aircraft Piper Chieftain. The company will start selling tickets to flights on its website this week. One-way ticket will cost 195 euros and a return ticket 390 euros.

“On the basis of our experience from the Tallinn route, we will consider the option of establishing flight links to other destinations in Estonia as well. We know certainly that during the peak season demand for flights to Estonia is very high,” said Kivelä. 

Turku Air is the oldest privately-owned aviation enterprise in Finland. It operates regular flight routes as well as charter flights, commercial flights and cargo flights.

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