Sunday, April 15, 2012

LeTourneau University students win aviation competition

FORT WORTH (KYTX) -- A group of Aeronautical Science majors from LeTourneau University won the Southwest Regional Professional Aviation Maintenance Association competition Saturday, up against other teams from Texas and Oklahoma.

Senior Patrick Harney of Lowville, NY, won first place and senior Jacob Sweers of Mount Hermon, CA, won third place. Senior Tommy Regier of Fairview, OK, sophomore Tim Powell of Klamath River, CA, and senior Luke Sjoblom of  Longview were also on the team. Their faculty sponsor was assistant professor of applied aircraft systems Andy Farrell.

"This year, the judges changed the electrical project in the competition so that the students had to troubleshoot a challenging electrical wiring harness that was like something you would see on a weapons system, not on a small airplane," Farrell said. "They had to test to see if it was good or not. After the event, the judge on that project went out of his way to come compliment our students in person because he was impressed that nobody on our team was intimidated by this unique project."

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