Friday, March 23, 2012

Opinion/Letter: Mr Jagan’s flight was cancelled after debris hit landing gear sensor, EZjet has operated well over 90% of flights on time

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Editor,

Thank you for sending us the letter from Mr. Cheddi Berret Jagan II, Esq., published in your newspaper on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012.

Mr. Jagan is in dispute with EZjet over a damage claim he has filed against EZjet for the shipment of a television which was accepted as baggage by EZjet for shipment to Guyana and over which he has threatened to sue the airline.

We are not, therefore, surprised at Mr. Jagan’s letter to the media and we note that he has been careful not to mention the claim which is the real issue he now has with the EZjet.

In the course of making his claim against EZjet for the television, Mr. Jagan did not hesitate, both, to threaten us with a hostile publication in the press if we did not settle the claim to his satisfaction, but also to advise us on the importance of who he is, where he works, for whom he works and why, therefore, the media would have no hesitation in publishing his letters.

We will not address the matter of the claim, which is the real reason for Mr. Jagan’s letter, since it may now be the subject of litigation. We are pleased, however, to address the misrepresentation he makes in his letters.

In fact, Mr. Jagan did suffer the inconvenience, along with all other passengers, of being booked on our New York to Georgetown flight on March 4th which was regrettably delayed until the following day.

The March 4th flight was unfortunately cancelled at the last moment after the passengers had already checked in, due to debris hitting the landing gear sensor while the aircraft was being taxied to the gate. All airlines will occasionally have this difficulty where the safety of the passengers may result in their temporary inconvenience. Though there was a replacement aircraft available, a sufficiently rested crew was not available until the following day. The passengers were so informed as soon as the information was available to the EZjet staff.

EZjet provided hotel accommodation and meals for all the passengers on the flight and went to the extent of refunding the cost of the segment of the delayed flight to all of the passengers who flew the next day. In the case of Mr. Jagan, he was upgraded to a first class passenger and afforded the use of the VIP lounge and demanded a lunch voucher, having already been provided with a free breakfast afforded to the other passengers. Mr. Jagan was informed that lunch would be served on boarding the aircraft.

It is entirely false for Mr. Jagan to claim that many of EZjet’s flights have been cancelled. In fact, to date, we are proud of the fact that EZjet has operated well over 90% of its flights on time, free of delays.

We are astonished at Mr. Jagan’s completely false allegations made against the terminal staff at JFK in the handling of passenger luggage on the conveyor belts. In fact, EZjet uses Terminal One, the premier terminal at JFK, providing the highest possible professional standard of service to the airlines serviced at this terminal, which includes Air France, Alitalia, Korean Air, and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

As a result of the postponement of the March 4th flight until the following day, EZjet made arrangements for all passenger luggage, which had already been checked in and was with customs and security, to be returned to the passengers in accordance with the established procedures of the airport, procedures which take some time.

Passengers were therefore, required to collect their baggage from the carousel in the usual manner. We are surprised; therefore, that Mr. Jagan would expect the customs and security officials at JFK to assist passengers to collect their baggage off the carousel, which is certainly not their responsibility.

We further do not understand Mr. Jagan’s complaint that ‘Guyanese passengers are restricted to a certain zone’. No such restrictions were imposed.

We are pleased to note that Mr. Jagan had previously flown with EZjet and, to the best of our knowledge, with complete satisfaction. He had no complaints against our service until his dispute with the airline regarding an allegedly damaged television.

EZjet continues to work hard to provide Guyana with a first class competitively priced airline charter service. We are not perfect. We will no doubt be challenged, from time to time, with the difficulties of maintenance delays experienced by all airlines. When these occur, we will provide our passengers who have suffered the inconvenience of the delay, with the best possible accommodation and comforts available.

Yours faithfully,
Sonny Ramdeo
Chief Executive Officer
EZjet Air Services


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