Monday, February 27, 2012

Mach One Air Announces Expanded Aircraft Management Services

By Mach One Air Charters, Inc.
Published: Monday, Feb. 27, 2012
/PRNewswire/ -- Mach One Air Charters, Inc. today announced a significant expansion of their Aircraft Management Services for private owners of jet aircraft in response to their clients' needs to simplify the complexities involved with the management of these substantial assets. 

Mach One Air's approach to aircraft management offers aircraft owners a simple turn-key and industry leading solution, by tailoring aircraft management programs around the needs of the aircraft owner and streamlining their flight operational requirements.

"Our streamline solutions include pilot selection and hiring, maintenance program management, trip planning, scheduling, documentation and oversight of every operational phase - we bring value, exceptional service and cost savings to our client's flight operations," states Capt. Dan Hill, CEO, Director Flight Operations at Mach One Air Charters, Inc. He adds, "We pass along valuable cost saving programs that reduce expenses on aircraft fuel, pilot and mechanics training, plus fleet Insurance rates for all of our managed aircraft. In addition, we provide detailed record keeping services for every aircraft-tailored to our individual clients preferences."

For clients seeking to produce income with their late model jet aircraft, Mach One Air offers aircraft owners a charter program which will guarantee monthly or quarterly charter income. Their Guarantee Charter Revenue (GCR) program will help stabilize cash flow and contribute to reducing an individual owners fixed expenses. Many aircraft owners are now enjoying the revenue benefits of the Mach One Air charter program and covering many of their fixed expenses.

Mach One Air's sales operations views aircraft sales and acquisitions from the operator's point of view. They take pride in thoroughly understanding an individual's client's needs, which insures the sale or acquisition of their aircraft meets their personal mission requirements and financial budgets. With Mach One Air's strategic industry contacts, market intelligence, and in-depth oversight, they are able to support and guide each client through the aircraft transaction process. From model selection, pre-purchase management, contract negotiations and final delivery, private aircraft owners have become accustomed to working with a Mach One Air team member and receiving sound guidance and expert market intelligence on which to base the sale or acquisition of their aircraft.

About Mach One Air:

Mach One Air Charters, Inc. offers a full range of turn-key and efficient aviation solutions including private jet management services, aircraft sales and acquisitions, business aviation consulting and private jet charter. Their experienced teams are available to clients 24/7, to support their private jet charter needs and simplify the jet ownership experience. The Mach One Air Charters fleet is made up of Hawker and Cessna Citation jet aircraft with operational ranges from 1,700 NM to 3,000 NM. For more information, visit

Contact for Mach One Air Charters: Capt. Dan Hill, CEO, Director Flight Operations at 909.597.8461

SOURCE Mach One Air Charters, Inc.

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