Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Capstone Projects Open Young Minds to New Possibilities: The Board of Education unanimously approved of the projects for Masuk seniors next year.

Masuk High School juniors who want to learn about aviation can make arrangements to have a mentor from Oxford Airport, do field work there and learn about the instruments used in airplanes by their senior year. That is just one example of the many possibilities of the Capstone project.

Interim Principal Joseph Kobza wants the entire senior class to participate in a Capstone project and had presented the idea to the Board of Education, which approved it unanimously at its Tuesday night meeting.

The point of the Capstone, according to Kobza, is for students to use what they learned from grades K-12 to learn something brand new. The students will have free reign to choose their own topic, which may or may not be career oriented.

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