Friday, December 30, 2011

Neighbors fear airport’s causing health problems. Marshfield Municipal Airport - George Harlow Field (KGHG), Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Fumes and jet blast are alarming neighbors on Woodbine Road who abut the Marshfield airport. Resident Tom Scott confronted the Board of Health Thursday afternoon asking for an investigation of gas and noise at the airstrip.

Scott explained that in recent months, health concerns have evolved due to increased flights and runway extension plans, “It is a problem both of gas exposure and noise because the operations now extend into the late evening, early morning and I mean midnightish.”

Headache, nausea, and loss of sleep were a few symptoms Scott listed. Marshfield Board of Health Chair Gerry Maher told Scott to get a spokesman ready for a future joint meeting with the airport commission.

The board also discussed a house which may be unfit for human habitation. Two weeks ago, the Director of Public Health, Peter Falabella , inspected a two-tenant rented home at 697 Plain Street; there was running water but no heat. He also discovered that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors did not work.

However, Falabella informed the board about his 2nd visit to the house Thursday morning, “I made another inspection of the house and there is now heat in the house, there is fuel in the tank, and there is also hot water in the house.”

Though owner Francis Turbitt must still replace detectors and repair multiple findings of physical damage, the Marshfield Board of Health voted that the Plain Street residence is fit for human occupancy now that heat is in the home.

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