Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dubai: New ways of passport forgery found

DUBAI — The Dubai Police are clueless about more than 150 cases of date of birth forgery in passports, which they dealt with within three months, where the holders of passports manipulate their age to make themselves older. Hazim Hassan, an expert at the Forensic Science Department of Dubai Police, said that the police are yet to find out a clear reason for such forgery.

Various types of forgeries are noticed in the personal data in passports including electronic and ordinary passports, said Hassan, adding that criminals are using modern techniques and advanced technology to tamper with electronic passports. The personal data saved in the electronic device in the e-passports are tampered with to make it impossible for the officials to read the data, said Hassan. There were also instances where the police found that the data in the original passports are tampered with so that they are not identical with the information in the e-passport.

Hassan noted that there can be many reasons for the forgeries including political, economic or criminal reasons. In some cases, original photographs in the passports were replaced with those of others while in some other cases, chemicals were used to remove the data entered in the original passports. Replacement of pages, adding new pages with stamps or visas that are removed from other passports etc were some other forms of forgeries, said Hassan. He also referred to cases where the entire passport was forged or new passports were issued by using forged documents or impersonating people.

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