Saturday, November 12, 2011

Letter: Troubles in Immokalee. Immokalee Regional Airport (KIMM), Florida.

Regarding Stephen Fletcher and his troubles at Immokalee Regional Airport as reported by the Daily News:

I am disappointed this is very one-sided. Initially it was reported to the Collier County Commission that an unidentified, suspicious vehicle was chased by Immokalee airport security at high speeds. Commissioner Georgia Hiller, who was in that vehicle, gave testimony at a commission hearing on what actually happened:

1) The mysterious "unidentified" vehicle was covered with "Vote for Tim Nance stickers".

2) Their visit was a slow tour of the airport and no security ever "follow/chased" their vehicle in an attempt to make them pull over.

3) She then questioned how the alleged excessive speed of their vehicle could have been sworn as fact since security was never behind their vehicle clocking them.

Commissioner Tom Henning asked Fletcher if anyone had provided him a complete set of airport rules. He replied "no." Several other people testified to the fact there are no signs on airport property for restricting access, stopping or dictating a specific speed limit.

If this man is not being targeted, as suggested by some commission and various public testimony, it is a suspicious coincidence that the Airport Authority executive director, Chris Curry, airport manager Thomas Vergo and a Florida Department of Transportation inspector were there waiting for him to land so they could tell him he violated a law he was not even aware of.

Why is the only other credible eyewitness, Collier County Airport Advisory Board Member Byron Meade (Fletcher's passenger at the time), given only two words of commentary out of your entire article on Curry's complaint against Fletcher, "Oh bull''?

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