Thursday, November 10, 2011

Born to fly: Taiki Terauchi takes his education to the skies. University of Nebraska at Kearney. Kearney Regional Airport (KEAR), Nebraska

For many students, the decision to choose where you want your life to go after school is a difficult one. Some people are just hoping to land a job and figure out what they want to do with their life along the way. Then, there are people who are lucky enough to know their career choice from a very early age. Taiki Terauchi, an aviation major from Kawasaki City, Japan, is part of the elite group of people that know what they want out of life.

Terauchi has always had his eye on the sky and enjoys discussing things mechanical in nature. It was only natural that he would choose to become a pilot. For the past four years, Terauchi has been studying aviation through UNK. He has also taken several classes in economics; enough to be close to minoring in that field of study.

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