Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Watch: Investigation underway into cars racing on runway at Medina Municipal Airport (1G5)

MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I TEAM has uncovered an investigation into cars racing on the runway of the Medina Municipal Airport.

Cars were reportedly speeding on the runway even with the airport open for planes to take off and land.

Now, Medina police and the Federal Aviation Administration are asking questions. And, the I-Team went to the office of the company running airport operations.

Tiny airport. Big trouble.

Video posted on social media shows cars barreling down the runway. In one shot, it appears two cars are racing.

And, in multiple videos the cars zoom by someone standing in the middle of the runway.

When the I-Team went to the office for Flight Services of Medina, they met Eric Olson.

He said, “We’re trying to straighten this out, absolutely.”

He said he’s not sure how the airfield turned into a race track. But, he also said, he’s worried about a young worker losing his career over this.

So, the I-Team asked, “You’re worried about somebody losing their job, but shouldn’t somebody be worried about losing their life over something like that?” Olson answered with, “There was no safety issue involved.”

The I-Team, then, followed by asking how was there no safety issue?

Olson said, “I was told people were monitoring the radios and making sure traffic was clear.”

The I-Team also showed the video of the cars to a pilot and met Dave Sherman as he flew into and out of Medina Airport.

He said: “It could be a real problem.”

He added, “I think it’s gotta stop for sure. That could be a disaster.”

Meantime, just on the other side of the Medina Airport, you see roads lined with homes. When the I-Team told one neighbor about cars speeding on the runway, she reacted by saying that definitely is a concern. It wouldn’t take much for a plane to have to make a sudden move and, somehow then, end up in a backyard.

The FAA released a brief statement. It said, “The FAA is working with airport authorities and the local police department to investigate the incident.”

A report shows Medina police investigating “…trespassing/reckless operation on a runway.”

The I-Team also reached out to the mayor of Medina. He said he had no comment since the investigation is ongoing.

The Medina Airport has no control tower. Pilots have to pay attention and watch out for everything.

And, the pilot told the I-Team that flying in can be tricky due to tall trees nearby.

Police are investigating at least one incident with cars on the runway from last month. The I-Team also asked Eric Olson, ”what about shutting down the airport before something like that?”

He answered, ‘Well, that would’ve been something if I had been asked permission, normally, we would do.”


  1. Time to change the passcode at the entry gate.

    1. They are airport employees with full access to the property.

  2. The FAA frowns on non-aviation related activities at an airport. They could lose Federal funding and may have to repay what they have received.

  3. Sounds like Olson is saying all one has to do is ask permission for runway to be shut down for cars and "normally we would do". Doesn't sound like trespassing to me. Who is the employee he is protecting?

    1. Yeah that and his rather nonchalant "There was no safety issue involved” answer when questioned about it. These are the types of guys, either running airports or behind the controls in cockpits, that get people KILLED.

    2. Let the city get sued after one of those participating gets injured or killed and watch how fast they reach an "unauthorized use" determination.

      The employee involved should be terminated. Terminate the airport manager if he had pre-knowledge. Simple.

  4. Barney Fife could figure out whose car shot the inside-Ferrari video portions in the Fox8 story by noticing the "Oneloud_ferrari" lettering seen on the passenger side of the windshield at 0:34 elapsed time.

    The Ohio car show this Saturday promoted on the Oneloud_Ferrari instagram page would be an easy police intercept point if Barney and friends haven't connected with the driver yet.

    Notice that once again, performative social media "look at me" stunting and "you boomers don't realize that we were watching for airplanes" excuses make it okay to do the deed.

    Saturday car show promo on Oneloud_ferrari's instagram:

    1. More:

      Oneloud_ferrari links to another instagram page from the first:

      On tiktok also:

      High speed run on public road on YT:

      Maybe taking over runways will catch on and be a "next big thing", like doing burnout donuts in city intersections. Or maybe this bunch will kill your family on the roads when they misjudge a stunt.

      One thing is certain - No way that the cops could know it might happen. No clues online. Just another day of monetized "look at me" follies.

    2. Lettering on windshield also shows up at 2:04 in this 2020 interview of the Oneloud_ferrari owner:


    3. With the influence this Olson family has running this airport, "Barney and friends" would not be the first ones I would go to for information. I suspect there are a lot of locals looking the other way and I wouldn't exclude the FAA either.

  5. My first solo flight was at Medina.....46 years ago!.....nice runway for solos.....lol