Monday, June 13, 2022

Front Royal-Warren County Airport (KFRR), Virginia: Judge rules for county in lawsuit

A judge recently ruled against an airplane pilot who claimed a former Front Royal Warren County Airport manager violated a contract and then defamed him.

Retired Judge Dennis L. Hupp ruled mostly in favor of Rock Skowbo and Cass Aviation in a lawsuit brought on by a pilot who sought hangar space and flying lessons at the facility.

Nicholas Chaillan and One Team One Flight LLC claims in a three-count complaint filed in Warren County Circuit Court on March 2 that Skowbo and his company, Cass Aviation, breached a contract, committed tortious interference and defamed him.

Hupp sustained the county’s demurrers or challenges to two counts against the county claiming breach of contract. The judge dismissed one count of the complaint as it pertains to the county with prejudice, meaning the plaintiff cannot refile the count. Hupp sustained, in part, and overruled in part, a demurrer filed by Skowbo and Cass Aviation to one of the counts in the complaint.

Chaillan owns and serves as the sole member of Warren County-based One Team One Flight LLC, registered in Delaware. Front Royal attorney Andrew P. Hill represents the plaintiff. The complaint names Cass Aviation LLC, then-airport manager Rock Skowbo and Warren County as defendants.

Chaillan’s three-count complaint alleges breach of contract, tortious interference with a contract and defamation. The plaintiffs demurred, or challenged, each of the claims.

Andrew P. Hill represented the plaintiffs. Martin Schubert and Stephanie S. Ryan represented Warren County and Skowbo-Cass Aviation, respectively. Parties presented arguments before Hupp at a hearing on May 18 after which the judge ruled on the motions. Hupp granted the plaintiffs until Friday to file an amended complaint.

Ryan explained by phone on Wednesday that Chaillan voluntarily dismissed the county from his claim of tortious interference. The judge addressed Chaillan’s defamation claim against Skowbo and found that all but two of the statements cited by the plaintiff fail as a matter of law because they are opinions, Ryan said. Statements made that are known to be false can be defamatory, Ryan said.

Skowbo worked as the airport manager under a contract with the county, Director of Public Works Mike Berry states in a March 17 email to the Northern Virginia Daily. The county has since hired Jake Snider to serve as airport superintendent.

Chaillan sought judgment against the defendants for monetary damages of at least $89,600 for breach of contract or that the defendants be ordered to perform under the contract with the plaintiff to provide a hangar for his aircraft. The plaintiff asks that, in the alternative, the court grant that the defendants pay at least $57,100 for tortious interference with contract. Challain also seeks $250,000 in compensatory damages and $100,000 in punitive damages against Skowbo and/or Cass Aviation for defamation.


  1. Rock Skowbo = Fiancee Jane Wicker.
    God Bless this man.

    1. I thought that name sounded familiar.
      Rock, if you read this - how are you doing? Hope all is well.

  2. Rock made it a real airport...!!! Well done, Sir.

  3. Rick- you are the best instructor the valley has ever seen!

  4. Rock is a good soul and went the extra mile for me several times.

  5. Rock has made a solid difference in the airport for all users. We have now lost that resource because an entitled individual didn't want to wait in the same line for a hangar with the rest of us in the proletariat class.