Friday, May 13, 2022

Ultralight aircraft, paragliding now prohibited at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area will no longer allow paragliding, paramotor or ultralight aircraft within its boundaries in proximity to developed and high visitor use areas.

The ban area is between the Glen Canyon Dam and the downstream river boundary between Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Grand Canyon National Park near Lees Ferry.

In a statement released Friday, Glen Canyon officials said the impacts of the relatively new devices remain unknown. They may possess qualities that adversely affect park resources that may only be revealed in the future if the use is allowed to continue and proliferate in the park.

The Glen Canyon Dam is a high security area with vital infrastructure and hazards that encompass the area and the canyon below. Park officials say powered paragliding and ultralight aircraft are inherently dangerous to participants and other visitors.

Areas of high visitor demand, including developed areas and Horseshoe Bend, place visitors in undue danger in the event of an uncontrolled failure of an aircraft.

More information is available in the park’s amended Compendium:


  1. Annoying for visitors, yes. Impact? Ridiculous assumption.

    1. Maybe the weren't at liberty to say they weren't enthusiastic about scraping up and hauling out the wreckage and expired operators that don't make it out under their own power.