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Cessna 172M Skyhawk, N1399U: Incident occurred May 31, 2021 near Van Nuys Airport (KVNY), Los Angeles County, California

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; Van Nuys, California

Aircraft experienced engine issues and landed on a highway. 

OC 172 Group LLC

Date: 01-JUN-21
Time: 01:50:00Z
Regis#: N1399U
Aircraft Make: CESSNA
Aircraft Model: 172
Event Type: INCIDENT
Highest Injury: NONE
Aircraft Missing: No
Damage: MINOR
Flight Phase: EN ROUTE (ENR)
Operation: 91

For the residents of Agura Hills, the news that a small plane made an emergency landing in their city sounded strange on Monday. This is the second time in a few years that a private plane has forcibly landed on Highway 101, which runs through the city.
At 7:00 pm on May 31, a Cessna 172M Skyhawk was forced to land on the south-facing 101 freeway near Reyes Adobe Road. Unlike previous incidents in 2018, a small aircraft made an emergency landing on the Liberty Canyon freeway. There was no fire or damage from the accident on Monday.

The cause of the plane’s landing is unknown and no injuries have been reported. The case is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Craig Martin of the California Highway Patrol, Sergeant, said CHP was informed about Mayday’s call to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Air Support Department.
“We sent an officer to the western end of the service area to find a pilot. We only knew that the plane was descending at low altitude and at high speed. Our police officers were able to reduce traffic and pilots. Was able to safely get the plane on the freeway, “Martin said.

“Fortunately, there were no injuries and no accidents because the traffic was naturally interrupted at that time.”

CHP police officers, joined by members of the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, pushed the plane up by hand and climbed the eastward exit ramp of Reyes Adobe from the freeway to Reyes Adobe Road. Eventually, I moved to the parking lot of a nearby mobile gas station and waited for towing.

Flight tracking data show that the plane departed Camarillo Airport at 6:38 pm, flew south and passed Canaan Road before turning. An emergency that encountered an aircraft may have occurred shortly thereafter. The flight path shows that the northbound plane is turning south again, probably in the hope of landing at Van Nuys Airport before landing on the freeway.

Thousand Oaks’ Megan Gobel was heading north on Route 101 with his family when the plane crashed.

“As I approached Reyes Adobe Road, I saw a lot of police and wondered if there was a stalemate, an accident, or something else. Then I saw the plane,” Gobel said. ..

“I think the best part was the trainer plane. It was a little fun. It was a great landing, but the fact that no one was injured is incredible,” she said.

The plane, the Cessna 172, is owned by OC Flight Lessons, a training school with offices in Van Nuys and Costa Mesa.

A company representative declined to comment on the incident.

Acorn I learned that the plane was being piloted by an unidentified student and flight instructor Trevor Peterson. He is said to have taken over the maneuver when he was forced to make an emergency landing.

Emergency landing-Above, the pilot and student will meet after the incident. Below is a plan view before being taken to the highway. The photo above is courtesy of Robert Fisher and the photo below is courtesy of Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station.

It was the second flight of the plane that departed Santa Anna in the evening and landed in Camarillo at 6:28 pm, 10 minutes before embarking on an unlucky journey.

Sergeant Martin said he was fortunate to have enough free space on the freeway for the plane to land, given that it was a holiday weekend and close to the departure rush hour.

Martin said from the scene, “There can be heavy traffic during this time.” But it was moderate to bright tonight, so I was able to take a natural break in the car. I knew what I was doing and was able to land the plane safely. “

Traffic on the south side of the highway was suspended until the aircraft moved to the ground road. Emergency response personnel needed to reduce the signs along the exit of Reyes Adobe to accommodate the wingspan of the plane. The plane sat on Reyes Adobe Road for about 90 minutes before being pushed into the gas station parking lot. Meanwhile, the north-facing lane of Rays Adobe Road was closed.

The accident on Monday occurred less than four miles (4 miles) north of where a single-engine aircraft made an emergency landing on the freeway in 2018. The accident forced pilot Rob Sandberg to put the aircraft on the freeway, with the engine shutting down 10 minutes after leaving Van Nuys Airport. Neither Sandberg nor the commuters were injured, but his plane, a T-6 Texas painted like a WWII vintage aircraft, crashed into a central partition and burned.

The accident closed the highway for almost three hours, and emergency response personnel extinguished the fire and investigated the site.

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