Sunday, January 10, 2021

Airport commission to consider repairs to Precision Approach Path Indicators at Alva Regional (KAVK)

The Alva Airport Commission will hear about repairs needed to the PAPI lights and evaluate the airport manager at Monday’s regular meeting. The commission will meet at 7 p.m. in the airport terminal.

First, the commission will hear a report from the city council including financial statements. The airport manager will give his report. Then board members will discuss an estimate from Wise Electric Company to repair the PAPI (precision approach path indicator) lights. These lights positioned along the runway warn incoming pilots about too high or too low approaches. Wise estimates repairs will cost no more than $4,800, and the commission members will vote on approving these repairs.

A closed executive session will be held to evaluate the airport manager following completion of his first 90 days in that position. On return to the open session, the commission may vote on the evaluation and the hiring of the airport manager.

At the end of the meeting, commission members may make remarks or inquiries on any topic. That will be followed by comments from members of the public who are present. Public comments are  limited to two minutes per speaker.

1 comment:

  1. Once again, a disconnect...
    Why are we shoveling grants, Paycheck Protection Programs, CARES Act Disaster Grants, stimulus checks at airports that can't get an a purchase order approval for PAPI service repair when there is $1.5 million dollars sitting in their bank accounts and on their balance sheets?