Sunday, January 10, 2021

Aircraft tail section display

"This tail section was obtained from a wreck and will make a great display at your hangar, home, man cave or? It can be transported in a pickup bed or small trailer. First $250 cash takes it!"  


  1. Would be nice to know the N number associated.

  2. Yeah I would have zero interest in this if it was a fatal crash (and shame on the original seller from the salvage yard if so). Not that I'd have interest in a severed tail anyway. I'll take a retired full airplane for display in my back yard, thanks. The tail number could be easily deduced with what type of aircraft. Looks like an experimental/kit aircraft. Anyone know what this came from?

    I just noticed something else: where is the hinged rudder? Unless I'm missing something, this just looks like the tail is all vertical stabilizer with no rudder. Whaaaa???

    1. Its a Cirrus SR22. Relatively new, too.