Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Liberty University's proposed New London Airport (W90) expansion leaves many concerned

Bedford county says Liberty University would use the extra 467 acres for their aeronautics school. Right now Liberty University owns the New London Airport. This would be an expansion.

Forest neighbor worries if New London airport is privately run and privately owned by Liberty University there will be less state and federal airport regulations. She started petition against it. 

BEDFORD County, Virginia (WSET) -- Residents in Bedford County have concerns about Liberty University's rezoning request to expand the New London Airport.

According to the Virginia Department of Aviation, New London Airport is privately owned by Liberty University, but run for public use.

They said federal and state agencies are less involved if an airport is privately owned, but said Liberty has not requested that license from them yet.

Lisa Hawkins, a resident who lives 1,000 feet from the airport, worries about what a privately owned airport could mean for her community.

"Types of planes, the jets, the impact to the surrounding neighborhoods, impact to the environment, impact to the farms, none of that has been shared in the application with the community," she said.

Bedford County Planner Jordan Mitchell said his department is still learning if the 468 acres in the rezoning request is fit for the community or not.

"It's the largest land mass rezoning we've had in the county in my tenure here," Mitchell said.

There is a planning commission meeting next on March 19 where they want to hear positive or negative remarks on the project.

A petition has also been created to stop the expansion. 

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Jim B said...

W90 has always been privately owned and operated.

The person(s) opposing the changes chose a home near the airport and got their picture in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Tri-pacer phobia!

Anonymous said...

Very common problem these days. We have a hospital in our neighborhood that receives a life flight maybe once a week or a little more often. The local class D tower which is 2 miles away, receives many noise complaints about this operation. Complaints usually come from a newer subdivision put in 5 years ago between hospital and airport. One complaintant stated that it scared her cat when a B-17 took off during a Veterans celebration at our airport.