Tuesday, December 25, 2018

CSA SportCruiser, N564SC: Accident occurred December 22, 2018 in Collier County, Florida


A flying club from Hallandale Beach owns the small plane that crashed in Golden Gate Estates on Saturday, injuring one person, according to Federal Aviation Agency data collected by Aviation Database.

JRS Flying Club LLC is the registered owner of the single-engine Czech Sport Aircraft. Attempts to reach the club Sunday were unsuccessful.

The plane flew to Naples Airport from Hollywood on Saturday morning, according to Flightradar24, a website that tracks aircraft paths. The plane takes many day trips from Hollywood to small airports in South Florida, its flight history shows.

The plane, with two people aboard, crashed at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in the 3000 block of 32nd Avenue, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. One person was taken to the hospital. No update on that person's condition was available Sunday.

The small craft left Naples Airport less than 15 minutes earlier. The plane took an abrupt left turn moments before crashing. Previous flights from Naples to Hollywood did not have the 90-degree turn, Flightradar24 showed.

Before Saturday, the last time the plane was in Naples was Dec. 8.

Matthew Roberts, a flight instructor based in the United Kingdom, said he saw a distress signal from the plane on Flightradar24.

"As soon as he realized he had a problem, he squawked 7700 and turned to the left," Roberts said.

Pilots sometimes will issue the universal distress code 7700 if there is a medical emergency on board, Roberts said.

"It's not very often that you actually see them end in a crash," he said.

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Update: Only one person transported to the hospital. The second occupant refused treatment. 

Deputies have responded to a small plane crash in the 3000 block of 32nd Ave SE near Everglades Blvd S. The report came in just after 1:30 p.m. today.

The plane had two people on board, both are being transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Collier County Sheriff's Office

Collier County deputies responded to a small plane crash at the 3000 block of 32nd Ave SE near Everglades Blvd S. Saturday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office said the report came in just after 1:30 p.m.

The plane had two people on board, one person on board is reported injured. The sheriff’s office said it does not have the extent of injuries, but one person was taken to a hospital by medflight.

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Pablo said...

This guy overflew I75, which has little traffic, and could have easily made a 3 mile long test rack that runs N-S. Instead he heads for a neighborhood that has many power lines crossing the street.
Also, he as flying just south of I75 where a former development is being returned to the Everglades but the numerous streets still remain but without the power lines. It has not been flooded yet.