Friday, October 26, 2018

East Smithfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania: 'We were misled' -- County shuts down airport flight school after insurance concerns

Bradford County Airport Authority Flight School

Bradford County Commissioners Doug McLinko and Daryl Miller on Thursday shed light on the closure of the flight school at the Bradford County Airport.

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daveyl123 said...

Flight Schools are inherently risky ventures. Depending heavily upon prudent maintenance functions, safety records, equipment age and condition, instructor competence and overall management, at best the concept of teaching neophytes how to fly is fraught with perils. Insurance and operating costs are but two of those perils The Military Aero Club I was president of nearly folded when an incompetent management team rented filthy, non-maintained aircraft after the original team left the outfit. The Base Commander was two seconds away from pulling the plug after a club Piper Warrior returned after a training flight to a neiboring airport with what was purported to be wing damage from a bird strike. (After examining the damage, I remarked that the 'bird' must have been sitting on the adjacent ramp light pole prior to the incident...) Only divine intervention would allow the club to stay open.