Friday, June 29, 2018

Southwest Airlines, Boeing 737-700, N708SW: Incident occurred June 29, 2018 at Tulsa International Airport (KTUL), Oklahoma

Southwest Airlines Company: 

TULSA, Oklahoma - Quick Facts:

Southwest Flight 471 from Dallas made an emergency landing in Tulsa early Friday.
The plane headed for Kansas City redirected to Tulsa International Airport.
Southwest Airlines said the captain landed for a maintenance check after a gauge issue.
Police told FOX23 the plane landed safely.
Airport security said the plane will refuel, passengers will remain on the plane and it will continue to Kansas City.
Firefighters and police were on the scene.

TULSA, Okla. - Southwest Flight 471 from Dallas to Kansas City made an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport Friday morning.

It left Dallas Love Field at 7:11am, bound for Kansas City when it was forced to divert. The plane landed safely at Tulsa International Airport just around 8:20.

A representative from Southwest Airlines confirms one of the gauges in the cockpit didn't match the others, and the captain decided to land in Tulsa to have maintenance check it out. Southwest said the plane made a routine landing and was able to taxi to the gate.

Southwest says protocol requires the pilot to declare an "emergency" to be able to deviate from a field flight plan and land at any airport that wasn't planned.

The airline is working with passengers who may miss a connecting flight due to the delay.

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  1. must have been an awfully important gauge not to have been able to continue for another 195 miles. can a 737 pilot shed any light on this?

  2. Refueled and sent on its way.

    Fuel gauges have a tendency to indicate low fuel ....