Friday, March 23, 2018

Former city employee files amended complaint against Brownsville South Padre Island Airport (KBRO)

A former Brownsville South Padre Island Airport employee alleges in an amended complaint against the city that a former city manager told him he needed to wear a tag identifying him as Indian because the public official thought the man looked Pakistani.

Sesha Sai Vorrey sued the City of Brownsville last year, alleging that city officials discriminated against him because he is from India.

Airport Director Bryant Walker fired Vorrey last February after accusing him of falsifying the I-129 Visa application, which is a type of visa that allows non-citizens to work in the U.S.

According to the amended filing, after an April 2016 meeting between Vorrey, City Manager Charlie Cabler, Airport Consultant Jerry Farrar, the city external auditor and the interim director of aviation, the group had lunch in the airport restaurant.

“And during the course of the conversation the City Manager stated that Mr. Vorrey looked like a ‘Pakistani,’” the lawsuit alleges. “The City Manager stated that Mr. Vorrey needed to wear a tag to let everyone know that he is Indian and not Pakistani.”

In the court filing, Vorrey states that he is deeply offended by the comments given his position at the airport, the history of Muslim Jihadist attacks on the WorldTradeCenter and the military tensions between Pakistan and India.

The luncheon occurred while Vorrey was applying to be airport director, the amended filing states, one month before the City of Brownsville hired Bryant Walker as airport director to replace longtime director Larry Brown, who retired in July 2015.

Shortly after hiring Walker, Vorrey, who has been employed with the city for 12 years, informed the City of Brownsville that he wanted the position as assistant airport director, according to the amended complaint.

However, as Walker took the helm, Vorrey claims he began to experience problems with the new leadership, citing a Sept. 22, 2016, assignment given to him by Walker to estimate new terminal expense, according to the filing.

Walker allegedly gave Vorrey hours to complete the task while another employee, a maintenance supervisor, was given the same assignment but received more time to complete it, according to the amended complaint.

As time drew on, Vorrey also claims he was left out of critical meetings about airport operations, according to the filing.

Then came the fraud allegations that Walker levied against Vorrey, accusing the former employee of falsifying the airport director’s signature on Vorrey’s work visa, which Vorrey has claimed are 100 percent false in an employment discrimination complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The City of Brownsville has denied the allegations in court filings and has asked that the lawsuit be dismissed, arguing that Vorrey fails to state a claim.

“A statement of facts that merely creates a suspicion that the pleader might have a right of action is insufficient,” the motion to dismiss states.

The City of Brownsville also states that the lawsuit fails to provide any real legal description of retaliatory actions it allegedly took against Vorrey.

“Plaintiff alleges, without providing any dates whatsoever and almost in no detail, that the City ‘instituted a campaign of retaliation which included demoting Mr. Vorrey,’” the City of Brownsville motion to dismiss states.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the city manager will be able to fill the position formally held by Mr. Vorrey with someone who looks like himself. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully somebody gets control of this situation and fires the fkg idiot city manager..... How ignorant!