Monday, January 8, 2018

Fly Jesus: Planes to take 'Jesus loves you' banners around UK festivals this summer

One of the pilots with his aircraft (left)

Banners with the message 'Jesus loves every 1 of u' will be flown over the UK this summer, with four pilots from across the country commissioned by Christians especially to target large secular events.

The 'Fly Jesus' initiative will be facilitated by Escalls Methodist Church in Sennen, Cornwall, where the idea also originated of a 'Praise Bus' to follow the Olympic Torch around Britain in 2012.

The new plan is the brainchild of church activist Christine Bonfield, who says she had a vision from God who told her: 'Get a plane, tie a banner with my message on it and fly the length and breadth of the country.'

The estimated cost of the project is £150,000, with four pilots set to fly the banners, which have been ordered from the US, on single-engine planes across the South West, London, Yorkshire and Lancashire over six weeks. Secular festivals will be particularly targeted, along with Cornwall, which sees some 4 million visitors every summer.

'It's a case of hitting as many people as possible,' Bonfield, who is coordinating the plan, told Christian Today. 'We are just hitting secular events. There's no point in targeting Christians. It's a case of taking it out to the secular world.' Asked why now, Bonfield referred to her vision, outlined on the 'Fly Jesus' website, adding: 'For whatever reason, God knows the urgency.'

The 2012 praise bus followed the Olympic Torch's route around the country and acted as a mobile stage for Christian musicians and worship bands.

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