Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fly Jamaica faces more regulatory scrutiny

There are indications that the recent series of flight delays and cancellations at Fly Jamaica Airways could affect some of its regulatory obligations to the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA).

Nari Williams-Singh, Director General of the JCAA, speaking Monday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines, confirmed that some of the issues plaguing the airline’s operations will be under review. 

Fly Jamaica has been under fire from passengers since the Christmas period, over flights which were cancelled or delayed at length.

The airline said this was due to its planes undergoing maintenance and harsh weather conditions in North America.

Mr. Williams-Singh said the JCAA has taken note of the developments and will be looking at Fly Jamaica's business and operational arrangements in its analysis of the permits under its jurisdiction.

“We have been watching this situation quite closely, and hence we made contact with them early last week to follow-up on it, and we continue to have dialogue with them, and their performance will also be a part of our review when it comes up for renewal of the economic permit,” he explained.

That economic permit comes up for renewal next year.

The JCAA grants air operating certificates and economic permits to airlines.

The permits are conditional on among other things, satisfying the Authority on arrangements made for air safety, a proper business plan, and adequate funding.

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