Saturday, December 23, 2017

Amador County Airport - Westover Field (KJAQ) Land Use Commission to Revise Heavily Criticized Draft Land Use Plan

Amador County Airport Land Use Commission pledged to revise its draft land use plan following heavy criticism from both members of the public and officials from the cities of Sutter Creek and Jackson.

The Airport Land Use Commission, which has representatives from the Amador County Board of Supervisors, City Councils of Jackson and Sutter Creek, the airport and the public, is in the process of updating the land use plan that restricts construction around the county’s only public airport, Westover Field, for safety purposes. For almost four hours Monday afternoon, the commission heard concerns over the draft plan, which is being updated for first time since 1990. 

Of particular concern is a proposed “wildlife hazard area” that extends in a five mile radius around the airport and would restrict projects that could attract birds that could endanger aircraft, such as lakes, golf course water features, or other water projects that could attract waterfowl. Previously, the building restriction area only extended for a mile radius around the airport, and officials from the cities were concerned that other restriction beyond wildlife attraction could go into effect in a much broader area. The new plan also puts into place further restrictions in the landing and takeoff zones of the airport, and several property owners were on hand to complain about the new restrictions on their lands.

The Commission will meet again on February 26 to review the changes made to address the concerns from Monday’s meeting.

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  1. You don't stand a chance commissioners, the old California hippies are against anything that doesn't include marijuana and sexual deviation.