Thursday, December 14, 2017

Allegiant mechanics petition to join union

PLATTSBURGH — Allegiant Airlines mechanics and related technicians want to unionize.

The petition to do so, filed Wednesday with the National Mediation Board for representation by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, is supported by an overwhelming majority of the eligible workers, more than meeting the 50 percent interest threshold established by the board, according to a press release from the Teamsters.

It is expected to trigger an election to determine the workers' collective bargaining representative, it said. Under the Railway Labor Act, the election will be by secret ballot.

Krysta Levy, an Allegiant spokeswoman, said the company could not comment on the petition until after it receives the official count of signatures from the National Mediation Board. 

Allegiant Airlines employs about 350 mechanics and related technicians nationwide, primarily in Las Vegas and in Sanford, Fla.

None are employed at Plattsburgh International Airport, where Allegiant uses contractors to perform the work.


The Teamsters already represent pilots and flight dispatchers employed by Allegiant Airlines.

"We're expecting the National Mediation Board to set a date for the election sometime in the next two months," said Capt. David Bourne, director of the Teamsters Airline Division, in the release.

"The mechanics at Allegiant Airlines recognize the power that Teamster representation brings to their coworkers as well as mechanics at companies like United Airlines and UPS Air Cargo, and they want in on the action."

The news comes almost a month after Allegiant reached a tentative agreement with the Transport Workers Union, representing Allegiant flight attendants, on the first collective bargaining agreement between the parties.

The tentative agreement is subject to ratification by the Allegiant flight attendants, and results of the vote are expected before the end of this month.


Allegiant currently employs 1,150 flight attendants.

"We're very pleased to have come to an agreement with the TWU and our flight attendants, a great achievement for everyone who dedicated many hours at the negotiating table," said Maury Gallagher, Allegiant chairman and chief executive officer, in a separate news release.

"This agreement will begin an exciting new chapter of growth for our inflight team and for the company as a whole.”

The process of negotiating a first collective bargaining agreement for Allegiant flight attendants began in 2011. The Transport Workers Union was most recently certified as the group's exclusive representative last February.

An initial tentative agreement reached between the parties failed to ratify in September 2016, and negotiations continued under the supervision of the National Mediation Board to reach the current tentative agreement.

"We have an amazing community of flight attendants who work hard every day, as safety professionals and at the heart of service for every passenger who flies with us," said Tracy Tulle, Allegiant vice president of inflight services, in the release.

"We appreciate their patience throughout the negotiation process, as we worked towards a fair agreement to support their efforts well into the future."

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