Wednesday, September 13, 2017

More improvements coming to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport (KABY)

More big changes will be coming to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport soon.

The airport recently received a grant for $1,684,101 from the Federal Aviation Administration for safety improvements.

Local government will be responsible for 10 percent of the costs, which is $187,122.

The money will go toward two projects, one of which is redoing the main runway with new paving, markings and blast pads.

The other project will be to build a new passenger boarding bridge, which the airport currently doesn't have. Transportation Director David Hamilton said the FAA usually doesn't award grants for projects like that one.

"For one, it will get passengers out of the elements as they get on and off the plane. They won't have to be out in the rain anymore," Hamilton said. "And also, it improves safety and security for the airport itself."

These changes are a continuation of a larger improvement project at the airport, which have recently included a new parking pay station and an exit lane for the parking lot.

Hamilton said you can expect to see new hangars and a general air terminal in the future as well.

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