Sunday, September 03, 2017

Harvey leads to Southern California homes for Texas dogs flown to Orange County

Kimmy Kovacs gives a hug to one of the dogs that Karma Rescue flew from flood-ravaged Texas to John Wayne Airport on Saturday.

Joey Gallardo holds one of the transported dogs. Gallardo is part of the ground crew of the ACI Jet company at John Wayne Airport. Representatives of Karma Rescue flew from Texas to John Wayne airport Saturday with three dozen dogs rescued from shelters in Texas communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The dogs will be adopted out by Karma Rescue representatives in California. The private hangar is at John Wayne Costa Mesa, CA on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

Karma Rescue C.E.O. Robin Keefe got a lick on the nose from one of the dogs that was transported from Texas. 

The Karma Rescue organization flew 34 dogs from Texas animal shelters to John Wayne Airport via a chartered jet on Saturday night, Sept. 2.

The transport freed up room in Texas shelters for family pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

A group of Karma Rescue volunteers met the plane on the tarmac and each picked a dog that they will be adopting out to a family in the Los Angeles area.

A Los Angeles woman donated the $12,000 cost for the private jet.

The plane landed at the ACI Jet ramp just after 10:30 p.m. and the volunteers had whisked the dogs to their new homes within an hour.

Volunteers aboard the plane did their best to keep the dogs calm on the three and a half hour journey.  “I laid down with a nervous Shepherd for most of the flight,”  said Alex Tonner, director of operations for Karma Rescue.

Karma Rescue CEO Robin Keefe predicted that “thirty-two percent of these dogs will be named ‘Harvey’.”

A few of the dogs will be making a trip to the the California State Prison in Lancaster.  The canines will be involved in the Paws for Life program.  Inmates with life sentences will train the dogs for four months.  Upon graduation, the dogs will be given to military veterans suffering from PTSD.

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