Friday, September 29, 2017

$15 million budget approved by Collier Mosquito Control


A helicopter may be added to Collier County's arsenal in its fight against mosquitoes, along with other new resources. 

Mosquitoes are a constant concern and have been especially after all of the water left behind from Hurricane Irma.

With more rain in the forecast for the weekend, standing water plus debris equals a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

To keep the pesky bugs at bay, the Collier County Mosquito Control District approved a nearly $15 million budget Thursday night.  

What that means for the average taxpayer in the county is more than doubling of the amount previously paid, from $25 to about $55. 

One item proposed in the new budget is a state-of-the-art helicopter that will spray mosquitoes from above, and upgrade the district's aging fleet. 

Todd Gamble, a Collier County taxpayer, said, "I think it's well worth it."

Keith Buchanan, another Collier County taxpayer, said, "I think that anything that can offset some kind of infestation like that it is well worth the $25 or whatever it would be."

Buchanan says the mosquitoes are such a nuisance that he'll support the Mosquito Control District all the way.

"Collier County has always been on the cutting edge for that kind of stuff, so I see no reason why they should stop now," he said. 

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