Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cessna 180A Skywagon, N847AF, Aqua Flyers LLC: Incident occurred July 04, 2017 in Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire

Aqua Flyers LLC:

Lake Sunapee emergency crews spent part of their night pulling an airplane out of the lake.

A Chicago man flew his seaplane to Lake Sunapee to spend the Fourth of July weekend with his family.

Just before 6 p.m. the family was about to head out to dinner when it called Sunapee fire and rescue. They told firefighters that the plane, moored just about 50 feet from shore, had started to take on water.

The owner quickly got to the plane to get all his personal belongings out and then tried to keep it from sinking further.

"What the owner said was that one of the floats had a leak in it. He was pumping out the float and he was pumping the water on the pontoon but it was going so fast he couldn't get the water out quick enough and it flipped," Chief Stan Ruggles said. "We called the Federal Aviation Administration and they said it's just like a sinking boat so they didn't have to come."

Booms were set around the craft to prevent any fuel or oil leaking into the lake.

Once the craft was upright the plan was to have it towed to Sunapee Harbor for inspection.

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