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Progressive Aerodyne Searey, N9888D: Winds from Hurricane Matthew on October 07, 2016 pulled aircraft off the tie-down and pushed it into a fence

AIRCRAFT:  2004 DEWHURST SEBASTIAN SEAREY N9888D, serial number: 1MK339C
ENGINE:   Rotax 912S, s/n: 4429381.  

The engine was reportedly run without oil and is completely disassembled. 

The intent of the following list is only to verify that these major Components are present, with no guarantee of condition:

2- Case halves
1- Accessory case
1- Crankshaft
1- Camshaft
4- Connecting rods
4- Cylinders
4- Pistons  
4- Heads
4- Wrist pins
8- Lifters
8- Pushrods
2- Carburetors

PROPELLER:  Ivoprop ground-adjustable three blade. 

APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE:  Unknown

PROPELLER:    Unknown

AIRFRAME:  673.8 in July 2016 according to logbook entry


Garmin was reported stolen and is NOT included with the salvage.

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Winds from Hurricane Matthew on 10/07/16 pulled N9888D off the tie-down and pushed it into a fence.

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:  Inspection is highly recommended.  Damage includes but may not be limited to the following:
The leading edge of the left wing appears to be dented.
The left wing tip and the left position light mounting are damaged
The left elevator is scraped
There is a hole in rudder
The right elevator and right wing tip are damaged 
The tail appears twisted/bent
The right wing tip is damaged
The right navigation light is off the mounting
The right aileron skin is damaged.
The pylon attaching the wing to the fuselage has twisted and caused damage at the pylon base. (There were popped mounting rivets around the pylon which indicates the main fuselage had been twisted)
The engine was reportedly run without oil and it is currently completely disassemble
The canopy does not shut tight
The cockpit was found with an inch or more of water in the floor

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