Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sky lantern stuck in aircraft engine in Beijing

A photo showing a sky lantern hanging on engine fans of an airliner at Beijing Nanyuan Airport was uploaded on Weibo by the official account of China's aviation maintenance forum on Saturday night, drawing much attention from aviation professionals.

Beijing Nanyuan Airport has confirmed the incident, saying that a crew discovered the lantern, and the flight was delayed. Passengers were moved on time, and the plane was not damaged, reported

Among the comments on Weibo, some said that the airliner came from the hometown of sky lanterns, Xiangyang city in Hubei province.

Beijing News has confirmed that there was a flight from Xiangyang to Nanyuan Airport on Saturday.

An aviation professional said that in the clearance area around airports, sky lanterns, drones, kites and other flying objects seriously affect the safety of flights.

Such flying objects pose a collision hazard for planes, or can be inhaled into airline engines, causing an emergency situation for the flight.

Beijing has released a series of aviation regulations banning flying objects like fireworks, drones, or balloons, in quiet zones. Those who fly the objects will be fined from 20,000 yuan (3,000 US dollars) to 100,000 yuan (14,600 US dollars).

Sky lanterns, also called Kongming lanterns, are a wish lantern similar to fire balloons. The lantern is lifted by the air warmed by burning materials.''


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